RossTalk Command to Change Router without using Salvos


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    Mike Pomerleau

    Hi David, It sounds like what you need is to execute crosspoints with single commands. Unfortunately you can't do this using rosstalk.

    We do have a couple options. 

    1. If you are creating a custom dashboard page you can use the "button object " to include an on click function to execute a source to destination switch on a specific Ultrix. 

    2. if you want to use an external protocol you can use PRobel or GVG native to send a command to the Ultrix to ask for the crosspoint to be set.


    Here is an example of how I would use Probel SW-08 commands to control the ultrix.



    Here is how I test

    Download and launch Hercules

    GO to the TCP client tab

    Type in the IP of Ultrix and port 8190

    Select the HEX checkbox

    Copy and paste the commands below




    If you want to send commands to test you can use these

    Source 1 to destination 1

    10 02 02 00 00 00 00 05 F9 10 03


    Source 2 to destination 1

    10 02 02 00 00 00 01 05 F8 10 03


    Source 17 to destination 10

    10 02 02 00 00 09 10 10 05 E0 10 03


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