Ultricore RCP qe36



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    Mike Pomerleau


    This is definitely not normal or expected.

    To help me better understand I wonder if you could help answer a few questions.

    Are you connecting directly to an Ultrix or do you have An Ultricore CC control system?

    Can you tell me what version (Ultrix or CC) you are using?

    One of the tests you can do is check and see that the RCP panels don't drop any pings on the network.

    Or that your controller isn't dropping pings. 


    If you contact support we would be more than happy to help troubleshoot with you.

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    Ryan Ellis

    We had this happen a few times when the Ultrix and RCP were on different switches. The switches were connected via a 1G fiber link with a lot of devices on each end. When there was a lot of KVM activity my RCP's would give me the same message. Once I upgraded our SFP link between the switches to 10G connections, the issues went away. 

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